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I am a visual artist who works on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. My work incorporates various media and techniques including painting, mixed media, collage, photography and computer generated art.

Inspiration comes from the place in which I live, as well as places that I visit. Each day my connection to the light, the colours, the sounds, smells and shifting rythyms of the natural world deepens. I feel at one with, and humbled by the beauty that surrounds me, and the miracle of all living things.

To me the disconnect between humans and our  planet feels like a huge wound. My art helps me to heal, as do all those people who seek to tread lightly and compassionately in their daily lives, ever mindful of the intricate, delicate interconnections of life and energy that enable us to exist.

One Comment on “About

  1. Hello Jude – thanks for your reply!!! Switzerland, wow! Hope you are having a great time. Re your paintings:
    I’m tossing up between ‘The Escarpment’ and ‘Sunrise at Marcus Beach’ but also wanted to know about the more abstract one (acrylic on canvas 61.0 x 45.7) located just above the gorgeous painting you gifted me….it’s oranges and navy’s … so I was also wondering about the price of that one! I really want to repeat to you how much work you’ve done and how beautiful the website is.
    When you get a chance I’d love to hear from you. Jill xx


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