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Author: Jude Tulloch

  • C.A.P. Impasse Number Two

    A fresh look in the morning and we see that we are still not on track. We keep trying all sorts of things, more fabric, less fabric, adding elements, re-arranging elements then taking them away. We only have today to go and feel like throwing in the towel. Finally we decide we have absolutely nothing […]

  • C.A.P. Thinking Outside the Square

    One of the things this project is teaching me is not to become too wedded  to your original idea. I love the batik fabric but it is simply too busy for its backdrop. There’s no time to make new birds. Lesson number two: integrate all the elements of the project from the outset. We realise […]

  • C.A.P. The Impasse

    We put it all together and stood in silence. It hasn’t worked. We feel so despondent. How to rescue a project when you are on a tight timeline? You can’t rush creativity.

  • C.A.P. Under Painting Completed

    Today we finished the painting part of the project.  A celebration is in order. We are heading down to the Artery Gallery and then on to Warrnambool Art Gallery while the paint dries before we start on the next stage later today. Weather update: Still wet and cold.