C.A.P. Doing the Sewing


Last night we finished hand sewing the birds using black stitching around them. The green bits of the Batik fabric seemed to work best in the colour scheme.

We used a woollen blanket from an Op shop as the backing fabric. This will give the birds a slightly raised look on the canvas. If we decide to glue them down rather than sew them onto the canvas, the thick backing will mean that th textures in the painted surface won’t show through the fabric.

Since time is a factor, we will probably opt for glueing. Today we intend to fine tune the canvas. Next is bringing it all together.

C.A.P. The Under Painting

image Here’s the initial block in. We decided we liked the textured effect of my Escarpment painting so we are off to the the art shop to buy more paints. Palette work takes heaps of paint but is a great way to go in a collaborative piece. Temperature in Warrnambool, hovering around 11 degrees, more like five degrees with the wind chill factor. Rug up Jude.

C.A.P. The Idea


We we will to do a mixed media piece. Robbie is a mixed media artist who loves working with fabric.

We plan to make fabric birds as part of the composition. Robbie did a couple before I arrived and we cut two out to see how they might look. The next stage is the under painting.