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  • I get around

    Here’s a link to my mate Kel. I love her photographic work. Such style. She also makes the best beanies out there from her hand dyed yarn. http://www.fibreshare.org/monday-makers-kelly-oday-aka-miss-click-clack/ Go Kelly  

  • Tribute to an unknown artisan

    I came across a little wooden elephant, roughly carved like so many sold by street vendors in Africa, yet another object gathering dust and cluttering up my life. Holding it in my hand, to give it one last farewell look, I replaced on the shelf, twisting it at the same time. The little elephant came […]

  • C.A.P. Recapping

    Time to do a visual recap.

  • C.A.P. Migratory Birds

    A nice parcel of extra birds, netting and thread arrived in the mail yesterday. I took the birds off  the canvas without damaging the painting when I got home. Somehow they just didn’t look quite right. Now the emails fly between us and I have more birds to play with.