Photo clutter gets me down

Clutter and chaos infect my photo collection. I’m sure I am not alone. The photos grow exponentially. On my iMac there are 27,681 images and 51 videos in my Photos file, taking up 166GB. Copious quantities of  unnamed photos, accessible only by Apple’s rudimentary sorting and filing capacities.

According to DaisyDisk ( another  significant chunk of memory, 140GB, goes on photo storage – who knows where – on my hard drive. That’s before I add in my iPhone and the inaccessibly stored photos from my previous phone. Then there’s three iPads. You get the picture, no pun intended. 

Clearly, I’m not a Marie Condo type of person; the task of pruning the number of photos, freeing up a bit of computer memory and actually creating an ordered, worthwhile, photo collection seems gargantuan. So how to make sorting out stuff more interesting? I need to create incentives for myself. 

Note to Daily journal: Set goals for dealing with my burgeoning photo library. 

Voice in head: It’s all too hard. I’ll procrastinate. 

Note to Daily Journal: Create an incentive: Start a Friday Photo post.  Use the photo selection process for the post to edit the photo file of that day. 

Voice in head: It will take years;  I’ll get bored with the idea. 

Counter voice:  So what if it takes years? Anything’s better than nothing. At least I will make a start. I could make a game out of it.  I’ll be part of the WordPress Friday Photo community.

Tomorrow the experiment starts. I’ll work it out as I go.

Footnote: I will never be a champion minimalist, though I do need to de-clutter. Luckily there’s a counter voice.





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