From woodpile to would be work of art

Wheelbarrow IMG_6711

When I arrived home from Warrnambool a barrow load of log off cuts, destined for the wood pile, sat in the garage. The beautiful shell of a stump caught my eye. I commandeered it for my work bench.  There it sits, the perfect partner for some beach detritus, a well worn piece of curved plastic, picked up a couple of years ago.

At the time, I laid out a mosaic design to fit the shape, with the intention of making a garden platter. Somehow the idea of a platter didn’t quite gel. I’ve gone through many permutations; having form upright as a sculpture, making pottery feet, and experimenting with various items as a base.

My challenge now is to work out how to put it all together. It is always the construction phase that holds me back from doing three dimensional pieces.

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